Bernard Moerman's testimonial and thoughts on the new Aero Design Swiss Stem

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Bernard Moerman

Bernard and Ann Moerman ran the Belgian / American Cycling Center from the early 1990’s until the end of 2016. During that time they housed and trained over 800 foreign cyclists from over 32 countries to race like a Belgian professional.

Morgan Nicol met Bernard and Ann when he started sponsoring their Cycling Center teams in 2002. Oval Concepts needed this platform to test equipment in severe weather conditions, on rough roads, and by the biggest toughest riders. After the equipment was tested to DIN and JIS and ASTM standards, we put it to the real test under riders like Swedish Cycling Center graduate, Magnus Bäckstedt, 2004 winner of Paris-Roubaix. While our sponsorship of Bernard and Ann was critical to our company, our friendship and their mentorship was and is of inestimable value.

The relationship with 3M and it's influence in cycling and on product design

In 2010 Bernard and Morgan developed a plan to approach diversified U.S. based technical and industrial manufacturer 3M™  with a plan to sponsor a cycling team to promote the 3M™ brand, promote cycling as a life-sport for their employees and promote 3M™’s tens of thousands of products in the bicycle industry. With the support of then Managing Director of 3M™ Europe Patrick Deconinck, now retired, and Senior Vice President of Supply Chain Paul Keel, Bernard and Ann created and ran a very successful Team3M Continental Team from 2013 until 2016.

3M™ has over 60’000 products and they continuously bring new products to market. For example, 3M Glass Bubbles have all the correct characteristics to be used to produce the adjustment blocks in the new Aero Design Swiss Stem. Bernard continues to see possible collaborations in the future in order to develop more projects "ahead of their time".

Having used Team3M to help test Morgan’s Oval Concepts’ products we will get Bernard's valuable input and feedback on the Aero Design Swiss product also.

Bernard observes, "cycling is a traditional sport, they think still too much about the rider only and not the material". He follows up by stating: "Obviously you need a good rider but you also need perfect material and I think the TT handlebars and the forks you brought were, and still are, cutting edge. That’s what I like about your product so much" 

Taking on the inventory issue

With the One-Stem-Fits-All product, you solve a big inventory issue that teams have but it is no different for shops or bike fitters. New riders need many adjustments but even an experienced rider needs stem adjustments. Especially if a frame or bike change is needed, a good rider will feel the need to adjust. 

Each rider in a stage race usually has 3 bikes: the bike he rides, the one on the roof of the team car and the one in the team truck. If a change has to be made, it's not only one stem which has to be changed, but 3, this will therefore require a lot of stock and a lot of time.

The new stem solves the inventory issue for teams, shops and bike fitters in order save mechanic time and inventory. At the same time the stem is aerodynamic and more importantly, the rider becomes consequently more aerodynamic.

Developing young cyclists

According to Bernard, you need to coach young riders to embrace new products and learn how to give feedback on novelties. That’s why he likes working with innovative products and companies such as Aero Design Swiss, so he can bring the new technologies to young cyclists. 

This way they can take advantage of the new technologies and learn how they can give feedback to a company in order to further improve the products together. Bernard believes that a high-level cyclist is also a test-pilot for the sport. So this too is part of a professional cyclist’s job. 

This process makes the cyclists faster and can help them become a better professional rider.

Improving our products with cycling teams

With Morgan's Oval Concepts products the feedback from the riders was a critical point of the collaboration. Having riders test new products allows cyclists to give feedback on the product and companies to give feedback to the rider and possibly to companies such as 3M™

Thoughts on and advantages of the Aero Design Stem

Bernard sees 3 main advantages of the adjustable Aero Design Swiss stem.

First of all, as beforementioned, you only have one stem, which you can use for everybody and for the different bikes thanks to the adjustment blocks. Therefore it's already really helpful inventory-wise.

But that is not all. You can see the creation and improvement of new technologies: electronics, as your phone or your Garmin can now be directly integrated on your bike and all the information you need during a race can be mounted on a screen on the stem through the phone or on a special screen. The information will all be there!

And as a third advantage, you have the flexibility of adjusting centimeter by centimeter forwards or backwards to get in the right position.

"I could kind of expect this product from an innovative company like Aero Design Swiss, but now it’s here and it’s great!" 

"You might make changes in your position during the season and it's easily done!"

Thank you Bernard

Interactions and feedback like the one with Bernard are where we get some of our future product ideas and where we understand how to further improve each current product. 

Thank you Bernard!